Nuno Facha

Nuno Facha

Nuno Facha


About Me.

What about me?

I'm a Software Enginer/DevSecOps living in Portugal.

I have around 7 years of experience in Software Engineering using Agile methodologies due to multiple medium to large-scale projects (the largest one being that I started when I got into the field, and my work experience gathered during the years.

Most experienced with PHP, MySQL and Yii2, but also plays around with TypeScript, Python, Kotlin and Java and with tools such as Docker, Git, and Gitlab CI

Personal Information

My Resume.


  • Security and Development Operations

    Tetrapi Creative Solutions

    Developed PHP/Python-based software for multiple customers and internal use, employing Agile methodologies to ensure efficient and secure software solutions.

    Managed infrastructure on GCP and Scaleway, deploying projects in containerized environments using Docker, and oversaw local network security enhancements, implementing Palo Alto firewalls across our buildings, offsite workers, and for Colegio do Castanheiro.

    Certified in FIWARE for deploying IoT environment sensors, ensuring secure and compliant data transmission within a FIWARE-enabled system.

    Deployed and maintained observability systems (Prometheus and Grafana), providing effective monitoring and management of our infrastructure.

    Implemented a comprehensive company-wide Cyber-Security Incident Response Plan, introducing Wazuh SIEM and Shuffle SOAR to strengthen our security posture and incident response capabilities.

    Led the implementation of OpenRoaming from both ANP and IDP perspectives, and contributed to the integration of Matrix for secure, encrypted communications within Kubernetes infrastructure on GKE.

    Mentored new interns in software development best practices, containerization, VCS systems, and introduced them to key concepts and tools in cybersecurity.

    Current 2021
  • Software Engineer / DevOps


    Developed TypeScript (AngularJS), Java, and Python for the travel booking market on the UrActive platform

    Managed infrastructure on Hetzner to deploy the UrActive paltform on containerized environments (Docker)

    Deployed and maintained observability systems (Zabbix) for the aforementioned infrastructure

    Guided new interns on best practices and technologies such as containerization and VCS systems

    2020 2019
  • Founder / Software Engineer / DevOps

    Personal Project

    Developed and maintained the whole system, using PHP, Python, Java, TypeScript, and Kotlin using Agile development practices

    Managed infrastructure on Hetzner, Scaleway, and OVH to deploy this internal system, and user services in containerized environments (Docker)

    Deployed and maintained observability systems (Prometheus and Grafana) the aforementioned infrastructure

    Managed the whole project from DevOps to project and team management

    Current 2018
  • Software Developer (Internship)


    Developed for the Pickuz platform using PHP and Yii2

    Managed infrastructure on Hetzner to deploy this application on containerized environments (Docker)

    2019 2017
  • Founder / Software Engineer / DevOps

    Personal Project

    Free TeamSpeak Servers hosting provider

    The system was built using the PHP framework Yii2 relying on MySQL as a database

    2018 2015


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